AquaSan Disinfection & Odour Control


Revolutionary patent delivery system creating powerful aqueous chlorine dioxide for odour control and disinfection which can be used in

homes | offices | institutions | hospitality | animal centres | public transports | ventilation & air conditioning | and more …..



AquaSan is an all-purpose safe and effective disinfectant & deodoriser. It eliminates microbial quickly and easily by harnessing the power of aqueous chlorine dioxide by killings germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew by attacking the microbial through oxidation. AquaSan comes in an easy to use, pre-formulated pouch. AquaSan eliminates odour at its source and can be used in almost surfaces, such as concrete, tile, glass, vinyl, plastic, fibreglass, wood, painted surfaces, fabrics, and more. If using on fabrics, always do a colourfast test in an inconspicuous area

AquaSan uses a state-of-the-art technology to generate stabilised chlorine dioxide on-site having the most advanced chemical characteristics in controlling microbial growth. This gives it the highest anti-microbial activity than any other disinfectant available on the market. AquaSan is totally safe to be applied in indoor environment, health care, pet centre, public transports, show flats and any living or working spaces. It’s proven effective against a broad spectrum of microbial and is especially suited for the removal and subsequent control of biofilm. It works immediately on contact and remains working until dried. No residual active compound is left behind so no rinsing is required.

AquaSan is an ultimate all-purpose disinfectant & deodoriser for surfaces. It is extremely easy to use, can be sprayed, fogged or mop in bathrooms, kitchens, garage floors, basement floors, vehicle interiors, classrooms, pet areas, and more.


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