Ceramica Stefani – The Source of Spring Water

Ceramica Stefani – The Source of Spring Water

The Original Water Purifier

Since the beginning of its activities, Cerâmica Stéfani dedicates to the production of water filters (by gravity and pressure) for household use, vases and accessories for filters. Nowadays, with over 60 products in its portfolio, the company continues to innovate to cater in a more efficient way towards the needs of consumers.

Cerâmica Stéfani was founded in 1947 in Brazil. To this date, the majority of the pieces are hand crafted and made manually, although utilizing the most modern production technologies for ceramic goods, which guarantees high quality products and well reputable in the national and international markets.

Products of Ceramica Stefani Water Purifiers

The Stéfani Traditional water purifier made of terracota combines tradition and rustic design with the dechlorinating / sterilizing water purification technology. This filter is 100% handmade and that makes the pieces unique and incomparable, that expresses a century tradition of purification and storage of a product that refreshes water.

The efficiency of this purifier is guaranteed by a purification process in three stages: filtration, dechlorination and water sterilization, offering users not just the tranquility of counting with an excellent water quality for drinking and cooking, but also an alternative in adjustment with current concerns with the environment.

Equipped with the new generation of Stefani Clic Taps and Float Valve that doubles the capacity of the filter.


4 Liters and 1 Cartridge. 6 Liters and 1 Cartridge. 8 Liters and 2 Cartridges.16 Liters and 4 Cartridges.

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