EcoScrub Natural Odour & Moisture Eliminator

EcoScrub Natural Odor & Moisture Eliminator

Discover the power of volcanos. EcoScrub volcanic odor eliminator rocks and powder are 100% non-toxic to people and pets. A true “Green” odor control product.

EcoScrub is mined and processed in USA. Made of 100% naturally occurring micro-pores crystallized volcanic mineral, that is safe for people and pets

– Absorbing moisture, trap odors and chemical.

– Removes hazardous formaldehyde, VOC and moisture

– Effective in eliminating residual chemical and solvent odors in furniture, cabinets, closets, etc.

– Ideal for eliminating vinyl and plastic out gassing in modern manufactured goods

– Eliminate sewage odor from sanitary and drainage systems

– 100% regenerable to original state



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